Water leak discovered at new North Dartmouth Library

Jan 7, 2020

A leaky basement is one of the major issues holding back the opening of the new North Dartmouth Library on Cross Road. 

At the January 6 Select Board meeting, Town Administrator Shawn MacInnes revealed that water is leaking into the basement of the new $10.5 million, 15,800 square-foot library. 

According to MacInnes, construction crews are working to identify exactly where the water is coming from, but have not yet identified a cause. 

The water was not at a high enough level to cause mold issues, but the water did create a mess of mildew. 

There are other, smaller issues with the building that MacInnes said needs to be hammered out between the building’s architect and project manager. 

“They’re reviewing the items and we hope to get them resolved as soon as possible,” MacInnes said. 

MacInnes could not provide a definitive date on when the building could be ready to open, but did say it would “open soon.” 

One of those “minor issues” which needs correcting includes the sign which was installed at the front of the building. 

The small sign on Cross Road was designed incorrectly, after the company in charge of building it misinterpreted the town’s sign bylaws. It will be replaced.