Wreath sale for Scouts showcases, brings in greens

Nov 26, 2023

Area Scouts sold fresh green wreaths to bring in some welcome green — and to grow awareness — for their Scout troop.

Scout Troop 2019 members spent much of Saturday, Nov. 25 at the Dartmouth Heritage Preservation Trust property at 762 Dartmouth St. selling wreaths they had decorated at troop meetings.

The troop is officially a Boy Scout troop, but this troop’s membership features girls ages 11 to 17.

To prepare for the sale, which has taken place the last few years, the troop starts with bare wreaths,

At one meeting, the scouts made bows to decorate the wreaths. Pine cones and other adornments were added at another meeting.

“We had quite an assembly line,’’ troop parent Katie Christianson said.

Proceeds from the sale of the $20 wreaths benefit troop activities, such as Campsgiving, which featured a turkey dinner cooked over a fire, and summer camp.

The sale also generates awareness of the troop, members said. “I love doing it,’’ said troop member Kristen Maiorano. “It’s important to get our name out there.’’

The event also helps the public get started with seasonal décor. “This gives everybody their chance to get their Christmas decorations and help support a non-profit,’’ troop member Elizabeth Santos said.

Purchasing a wreath took little effort for Steve Condon, who pulled his vehicle over to make a purchase. He had heard the Scouts were selling wreaths, he said, and decided to stop by.

“We’re like fast food,’’ Maiorano said. “It’s delicious and quick and you can stay in your toasty warm car.’’