Youth clinic with Gatemen is outta the park

Jul 11, 2023

The Wareham Gatemen came to Dartmouth to help instill baseball wisdom and knowledge in young players.

“It’s a lot of fun getting to give back,” said Josh Stevenson, a Gatemen outfielder. “As a kid, I always came to these camps [too] … and hopefully they have the same dreams as me and can grow up and do the same thing.”

The clinic was hosted by Dartmouth Youth Activities Association at Crapo Field on Sunday, July 9.

Despite the clinic being primarily educational, there was still a competitive edge at play.

One group practiced throwing and then had a quick competition to see who could throw the ball furthest. The winner received a minor league baseball from the Gatemen.

To the announcement of the prize one kid yelled out, “I caught two of you guy’s baseballs at a game.”

The Gatemen were happy to work with the kids, giving each participant encouragement and pointers.

Exposure to the sport from people who love the game is a perk of the program.

“This is just more exposure and more experience for them,” said Meredith Wilkinson, whose two sons participated in the clinic. “It’s cool that they can meet some college kids and see how they play.”

From the smiles and eager participation of the young baseball players, there was no doubt they were having fun.

“You start this game as a little kid to have fun and you play it because you love it,” said Stevenson. “It’s important to “keep it a kids game.”