Select Board approves 2018 tax rates

Nov 14, 2017

The Select Board voted to approve next year’s residential and commercial tax rates at its November 13 meeting.

At the meeting, the board voted unanimously to set a 1.47 percent tax “shift” between residential and commercial taxpayers in Dartmouth. A tax “shift” is a unit that defines the tax burden that can be shifted from residential to commercial taxpayers.

For an average homeowner in Dartmouth with a $309,600 home, the town will collect $3,012.41 in property taxes in 2018, which is an increase of $116.96 from 2017. An average commercial property with a $493,900 value will be assessed $7,838.19, an increase of $92.73.

This year, the Select Board hoped to keep the shift equal. Of all the options presented, from a shift of 1.46 percent to the state maximum 1.50 percent shift, the agreed upon shift kept the increase of residential and commercial taxes as similar as possible.

“I think that 1.47 percent is the most even percentage of the tax rate,” Select Board Member Stanley Mickelson said. “At 1.46 percent the residents are taking a big hit, and I think it’s the fairest of all the options.”

Member John Haran stressed the value of the town’s commercial tax rate in attracting business to town.

“Our tax rate is a calling card to businesses,” Haran said.

Last year, the board voted to up taxes for a then-average $298,500 home by $128, and a then-average $501,000 business by $125.

The Select Board also approved a 10 percent small commercial business exemption, which the board has approved for the past several years.