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Nov 15, 2017

It was a rainy, raw day yesterday. The children discussed the food chain and sketched pictures of Coyotes, Squirrels and Turkeys. They deciphered examples of Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores and ate carrots from the garden.

They collected more sticks for their mud-hut, but were decidedly more discerning in their selection; making sure each one was at least twice the size of their bodies! This solved the problem of bumping their heads when shorter ones were used for the lean-to...

The group collected specimens of lichen and other various mossy growths; discussing the concentrically-circular patterns that can only thrive in undisturbed areas.

Our Nature Study groups explore 65 acres of wilderness and trails on Monday and/or Wednesday from 9:15am-12:30pm. Cost is $40 per day, Siblings save $10. Ages 6-14.

We also offer Music, Drama and STEAM Mini-Maker Space on Wednesday afternoons. Ages 6-14, Cost is $10 per class.

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