Brick Pizzeria opens Dartmouth location

Dec 30, 2017

Lovers of authentic Neapolitan pizza have a new pizza shop to get their fix: Brick Pizzeria, which opened its doors this week.

The family-run pizza shop opened its doors on December 28 with only an announcement on the shop’s Facebook page, explained Jeff Goggin, who owns the chain along with his father John and friend Jay Daniels.

It was a stark departure from the most recent opening in Fairhaven in 2015, which included extensive promotion and discount pizzas.

“We just want to see how it goes for now, and perhaps have a grand opening eventually,” Jeff explained, adding that the soft opening has given staff time to work out issues. “The word of mouth works really well for us.”

The restaurant has gained a reputation as a destination for authentic pizza. Jeff said the menu is intentionally simple. He’s resisted adding too many options to keep as traditional as possible - although one exception is salads, which are popular. The Dartmouth location follows the same menu as Fairhaven's does.

“We cook authentic Neapolitan pizza cooked in two minutes with high heat and over a wood-fired oven,” Jeff said, noting the only break from tradition is the pizza is sliced, instead of eaten with a fork and knife like in Italy.

“We focus on one thing and do it the best we can,” John added.

Ingredients are all locally sourced and produced, Jeff noted. Even cheeses are purchased from Shy Brothers Farm in Westport as curdle.

The restaurant, located at 634 State Road, is a long time coming. Shortly after opening its flagship store in New Bedford, he had his eyes set on a Dartmouth location, due to its close proximity to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Several years ago, Jeff said a lease in the Towne Center plaza was ready, but fell through. Instead, he opened Brick’s second location in Fairhaven. But Dartmouth was always on the table, and this location was especially appealing.

“It’s great because this area is prime for more development,” John said, pointing to new businesses and residential developments opening along the busy Cross Road-Reed Road corridor.