Select Board approves change in polling locations for two precincts

Jan 23, 2018

Voters in two of Dartmouth's precincts will be heading elsewhere to cast ballots beginning with the April 3 election.

At the January 22 Select Board meeting, Town Clerk Lynn Medeiros was granted the go-ahead to relocate the polling locations in two of Dartmouth'sspu precincts in the north end of town.

Precinct No. 1 members will no longer head to the Dartmouth Bible Church to vote. Instead, the new voting location will now be the Hixville Church, 1190 N Hixville Rd.

Precinct No. 4 has also been relocated. Instead of voting at The Cedars, voters in that precinct will now head to the Dartmouth Bible Church, 52 Morton Ave, to vote in elections. The location will be shared with Precinct No. 3.

The move was an effort to better reflect the geography and population of the precincts, Medeiros explained, as the north end of town has grown its population in recent years. It will also solve logistical issues in staffing and setting up voting at The Cedars.

Select Board member Shawn McDonald, who is a voter in Precinct 4, praised the change.

“I think they’ll like the parking better, and the accessibility in the precinct,” McDonald said. “I think it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Voters in the affected precincts will receive letters detailing the change in the coming weeks.