District No. 3 welcomes new engine to its fleet

Feb 6, 2018

To keep firefighters safe and meet fire protection standards, Dartmouth’s largest fire district has a big new addition to its firefighting fleet.

The department has officially welcomed its newest vehicle to its fleet of firefighting apparatus: a 2018 Pierce Saber pumper truck. The vehicle, designated Engine 1, replaces a 1995 KME pumper that was approaching its end-of-life and did not meet current firefighting standards.

“The [National Fire Protection Association] requirements for fire trucks have changed dramatically,” explained Chief Richard Arruda. “They now require better stability and vehicle safety systems for passengers.”

The new truck includes advanced safety equipment, and Arruda said it is expected to cut down on the department’s maintenance budget.

“The new vehicle runs cleaner, and a 20-year-old vehicle was costly in maintenance,” Arruda said.

Funding for the new truck came through the department’s vehicle replacement program, which Arruda and the district’s Prudential Committee instituted in 2010. Every year funds are added to offset the cost of new purchases, eliminating the need for borrowing or long-term bonds.

The department purchased the new engine last year, but only recently took possession of it. The department spent the past month training firefighters on the new truck and transferring equipment.

The old pumper was sold at auction. The new truck cost $508,740, but the district paid $489,423 with rebates and incentives.