Church holds Ash Wednesday event for those on the go

Feb 15, 2018

Despite chilly weather, a line of about 20 people had lined up in front of the Big Value Outlet on Dartmouth Street on February 14. They weren’t in line for sales, however.

The shopping plaza was the site of St. Peter’s Church’s annual “Ashes to Go” event. Hosted by church pastor Scott Ciosek, it provided those who could not ordinary make it to church on the first day of Lent with drive-up service.

Lent is a 40-day period until Easter when people find spiritual renewal, according to Ciosek. He said Ashes to Go is a great event because “it’s hard to attend church during regular work hours.”

Stacey Kruger got her ashes at the event, and noted it’s easier for everyone.

“There’s really no excuse not to get them,” Kruger said.

She isn’t sure what she is giving up for Lent yet, but it will be big.

Other residents, like Alice Pavao, were quick to give up ice cream and sweet rice, while Donna Perry said she’s no longer eating pork.

Ciosek said not everyone follows giving up something for Lent, but rather it depends on the religion and person. For Lent, Ciosek always starts by asking himself how he can be more like Jesus.

Ciosek said he’s never known of anyone who has gotten closer to God because they gave up chocolate.

“It’s not about giving things up but it’s about doing more,” Ciosek said. “If we give anything up it should be hatred and complacency and indifference and not giving up chocolate or Dunkin Donuts coffee. I don’t think it helps people to go to a deeper spiritual place."