University professors receives monetary award for research

Feb 20, 2018

Electrical and computer engineering professor Lance Fiondella has been awarded the National Science Foundation CAREER award to continue his research in examining software reliability and security risks.

The award is only given to early-career faculty across the country who “have the potential to serve as research and education role models at their universities or organizations,” university officials said. Fiondella received over $450,000 for five years.

Fiondella’s research is focused on bettering the reliability and security of software, something that has expand globally over the past several years. Using quantitative models Fiondella will evaluate the software and in turn collaborate with organizations in distributing the software on time and within their budget. He will also look to overcome past limitations by developing an platform within this research community to communicate with software specialists.

"Producing reliable and secure software is difficult because of its growing complexity, which poses serious challenges to many large companies and government organizations," Fiondella said.