Marijuana dispensary plans move one step forward

Feb 27, 2018

The town has signed a host agreement with the company proposing a medical marijuana cultivation and dispensary on Faunce Corner Road.

The Select Board approved the agreement with a 4-1 vote at its February 26 meeting. Member Kelli Taglianetti was the only board member to vote against the agreement, also having voted against sending a letter of non-opposition to the state back in September for the same project. She reiterated that she feels the business doesn’t belong in that area.

The host agreement, which sets terms between the town and potential facilities, included details that then-Town Administrator David Cressman felt needed to be examined,.

The town would get three percent of sales, which would go to the town’s general fund. Interim town administrator Greg Barnes said the revenue would be beneficial for the town.

“Given our less promising financial environment could be an important source of revenue in the coming years,” Barnes said.

Rebecca Adams, the executive director of Elevated Access, said it's a move in the right direction.

"We're pleased to move forward with the town," said Adams. "It's a very exciting time."

In December 2017, the company met with the Planning Board and received a special permit for construction.

Two other facilities had been proposed for that area of Dartmouth, but the status is unclear. Town zoning bylaws state two dispensaries cannot be within 4,000 feet of each other. Coastal Compassion and the William Noyes Webster Foundation proposed facilities on the same stretch of Faunce Corner Road.

Both Jane Heatley of the William Noyes Webster Foundation and Tim Keogh of Coastal Compassion did not return multiple phone calls for comment.

The Select Board had previously granted a letter of non-opposition to Coastal Compassion and signed a host agreement with the William Noyes Webster Foundation.

The next phase for Adams is going through the design process.