Spartans advance to next round of basketball playoffs

Feb 28, 2018

The Bishop Stang boys basketball team is not letting the end of an undefeated record stop its postseason run, as the Spartans dribbled and shot its way to a playoff win against Plymouth South.

The Spartans defeated the Panthers on February 27 at Bishop Stang in the first round of the Div. 3 South tournament. Despite aggression by both teams in scoring, by halftime Stang was in the lead 40-25. The Spartans kept that lead throughout the game and finished with a 74-60 win.

Despite the win, Head Coach Colbey Santos did show some frustration as he’s realized there are still improvements to be made.

“We played pretty average game, but we survived and that’s kind of what it’s about this time of year,” Santos said.

He didn’t specify what needs working on, but captains Justin Lopes and Malik Morris said teammates need to step up their defense.

“We didn’t give our full potential of energy on defense,” Morris said. “We weren’t talking as much as we should have.”

Lopes said players needs to remember they don’t get to keep playing if they lose a game in the postseason.

“Maybe just communicating and going all out at all times,” Lopes said. “We joke around too much and we don’t take it serious sometimes. We’re not realizing it’s just one and done from now on.”

Stang’s scoring was dominated by two players with double-digit totals. Lopes walked away with 28 points and Perry trailed him with 14.

The Spartans, who had a nearly perfect season, is using its 77-68 loss to Apponequet on February 21 to fuel playoff motivation. Captain Sam Golden even noted he’s no longer wearing his seemingly lucky socks since the loss.

In the second half of the game, Panthers guard Stanley Profete went to block a shot when he fell hard on the court, possibly injuring himself. After 10 minutes of treatment on the court he was taken by ambulance to St. Luke’s Hospital. His condition is currently unknown.

His fall had an effect on the Spartans as well, as teammates prayed for Profete during a game stoppage. Golden said the injury definitely shook everyone up. Santos wished the player a speedy recovery and said the team will check in to see how he is doing.

“End of the day they’re all kids and we don’t want to see anyone get hurt,” Santos said.

The win means the Spartans will play Wareham, who defeated Case, on March 2 at home.

The Spartans’ girls basketball team has its first game in the Div. 3 South tournament on February 28 against Ursuline Academy. Boys hockey faces Norwell in the first round of the Div. 3 South tournament on March 1.

At Dartmouth High, the boys basketball team lost its first game in the tournament 71-65 against Somerset-Berkeley. The ice hockey team competes in the first round of the Div. 3 South tournament on March 1.