College to hold week of educational and artistic events

Mar 12, 2018

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth will hold various events from April 17 to 20 focusing on academic, cultural and engagement activities.

“Inventing Our Future” is the college’s theme this year, which highlights the achievements of students, faculty, staff and alumni in the region. The week will also coincide with Chancellor Robert. E. Johnson’s induction as the head of the college on April 20.

One of the biggest events of the week will be the symposium called “Catching the Next Wave: Building the Blue Economy through Innovation and Collaboration” on April 19. The discussion will center on the different opportunities and struggles the state and region are facing in creating a better Blue Economy. The Blue Economy Initiative looks to combat challenges people who live and work near the ocean face.

Other events during the week include “Rise Above Hunger” where people will create food packages to send to underdeveloped nations. There are also several different talks varying in topics from thesis projects to criminal justice reform. Students will also be able to enjoy various concerts taking place, as well as a unity festival featuring music, food, games and other activities, among other planned events

Johnson said the events will look at what is going on now and how it impacts the future of the community.

“UMass Dartmouth, a Tier 1 national research university that provides a private college experience and a public university value, is a powerful engine of economic, cultural and social development,”Johnson said. “Built on a strong foundation of faculty expertise, staff dedication, and student energy, we are strongly positioned to invent our future as an innovative university that meets the fast-changing aspirations of our students, region, and Commonwealth. I invite all members of our university family and our greater community to celebrate and embrace the possibilities ahead.”