Town awarded money for recycling program

Mar 21, 2018

Dartmouth has received a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to help with residential recycling, according to a press release from the govenor’s office.

The $40,000 award will help educate town residents on better ways to recycle by using a Recycling IQ kit. The kit includes ways to keep contaminants from getting into the recycling stream.

The program involves providing direct feedback to residents by leaving “oops” tags on recycling carts letting them know what should and should not be recycled. The funding also pays for production of signage, mailers and banners and for staff to monitor recycling carts and distribute educational materials.

State Representative Christopher Markey said the kits will ensure that towns are doing their part when it comes to recycling.

“The Recycling IQ Kit will not only enable sustainability within our communities, but will also provide valuable education regarding recycling for residents across the commonwealth,” said Markey.

The kit was created by MassDEP and The Recycling Partnership. Other areas to receive funding were New Bedford, Lowell, Lynn, Halifax and Chatham.