Student committee seeks help with Dartmouth High sports banner initiative

Mar 27, 2018

Dartmouth High students hope to retrace the town’s sports heritage by discovering and creating banners for championship-winning teams of years past.

It’s through a student and faculty-run project spearheaded by Stacey Rodrigues, with help from a group of students led by Caroline Mello. It was started after a need was found to spruce up the gym’s barren walls.

Currently, the school has walls dedicated to individual athletes. Although there were some banners in the past, the banners did not survive the transition when the present-day Dartmouth High School was built.

Each student has been assigned a span of years to research using old school yearbooks and plaques, but are facing problems with retracing history. Plaques the school currently owns only reflect to the 1970s, and while the school has every yearbook, not all of them include information of league titles.

Even older records may not be online at all. It’s led to using old newspapers and MIAA records for reports, and a plea to the community to help.

Once finished, Mello said the project will showcase the school’s pride in its athletics team.

“We’ve had great athletics for a long time and we don’t really have anything that showcases them,” Mello said. “For Dartmouth alumni, who also participated in sports, it’s a great way for them to continue showing their Dartmouth pride.”

Anyone with information on championship years is asked to contact Caroline Mello at or Stacey Rodrigues at