Dartmouth police identify suspect in alleged Shaw's purse snatching

Apr 1, 2018

Police are searching for a 27-year-old homeless man who is accused of snatching an elderly woman's purse at Shaw's in Dartmouth on Thursday, March 29.

Cody Toolis has two active arrest warrants, with another forthcoming for the purse snatching, police said.

Dartmouth and New Bedford detectives identified Toolis with the help of social media. On Sunday, Dartmouth Police used a Facebook post to urge the man to turn himself in.

"If you happen to come across this post, which I'm certain that you will, do the right thing and simply turn yourself in!" the post read. "Walking around with that 'When are they going to find me' knot in your stomach is no way to live your life."

Anyone with information about Toolis' whereabouts is asked to contact their local police department.