Dartmouth election results: David Tatelbaum wins Select Board seat

Apr 4, 2018

David Tatelbaum will be Dartmouth’s newest Select Board member.

The owner of Big Value and current Finance Committee Chair secured election to the Select Board on April 3 with 1,543 votes. His opponent, Planning Board Clerk Lorri-Ann Miller, picked up 1,160 votes, according to the unofficial election results.

Tatelbaum, his supporters, and his family had gathered at the Allendale Country Club as the results came in. It was Tatelbaum’s first time running for an elected office — his position on the Finance Committee was by appointment.

“I’m feeling gratitude toward the people who have supported me, the people in the room who’ve done over and above to help me on the campaign,” Tatelbaum said.

As for what’s next, Tatelbaum is already looking forward to his first meeting.

“There’s a meeting coming up on Monday, and I’m ready to go,” Tatelbaum said. “I’ve hit the ground running because I’ve attended the last few Select Board meetings, and of course I’ve been very active with my Finance Committee, so I’m ready to go.”

Tatelbaum will have to step down from his position on the Finance Committee. A new chairman will be appointed from within the committee, he said.

This was Lorri-Ann Miller’s second time running for a Select Board seat. She said she does not plan to run again, but will continue to serve on the Planning Board.

“I want to thank everyone who voted for me, and especially my family who supported me,” Miller said. “I think the town won. David’s a very good man, I think he’ll do a very good job and I will continue serving on the Planning Board and doing a very good job there.”

The Select Board race was the only contested race on the ballot. A total of 2,731 of Dartmouth’s 21,697 registered voters participated in the election. It represents 12.59 percent of registered voters.

In other elections, which were all uncontested, Select Board Chair Frank Gracie will keep his seat with 1,806 votes. School Committee Chair Shannon Jenkins won re-election to her seat with 1,846 votes. Planning Board member John Sousa will stay on with 1,793 votes.

Town Clerk Lynn Medeiros will keep her position with 2,057 votes. Incumbent John Furtado picked up 1,813 votes for Assessor.

Incumbent Trustees of the Free Public Libraries member Stanley Bielusiak had 1,665 votes and Ilene Levine had 1,735 votes, also an incumbent.

Leslie E. J. McKinley won re-election to the Board of Health with 1,822 votes.

Parks Board member James Bosworth had 1,732 votes and member Joan Britto had 1,720.

Michael Mattos gained 1,724 votes, David G. Brodeur had 1,756 votes, and Bradford Thelin had 1,748 votes for three open seats on the Housing Authority of varying term lengths.

Here are the unofficial results for the contested Select Board race:

Totals, with nine out of nine precincts reporting:

Lorri-Ann Miller: 1,160

David Tatelbaum: 1,543

Precinct No. 1:

Lorri-Ann Miller: 111

David Tatelbaum: 109

Precinct No. 2:

Lorri-Ann Miller: 83

David Tatelbaum: 82

Precinct No. 3:

This precinct covers the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Lorri-Ann Miller: 0

David Tatelbaum: 0

Precinct No. 4:

Lorri-Ann Miller: 118

David Tatelbaum: 96

Precinct No. 5:

Lorri-Ann Miller: 115

David Tatelbaum: 196

Precinct No. 6:

Lorri-Ann Miller: 111

David Tatelbaum: 117

Precinct No. 7:

Lorri-Ann Miller: 155

David Tatelbaum: 209

Precinct No. 8:

Lorri-Ann Miller: 188

David Tatelbaum: 413

Precinct No. 9:

Lorri-Ann Miller: 279

David Tatelbaum: 321