Four-legged frenzy for 5K

Apr 9, 2018

It was a dog 'ole time for both people and their four-legged friends participating in the 4th Annual Run with C.A.R.E.

On April 8, 463 people and 300 dogs took part in the 5K run, which started at Buttonwood park and looped through Dartmouth neighborhoods to help raise money for Acushnet-based no-kill animal shelter Center for Animal Rescue and Education.

A four-year tradition, it helps C.A.R.E. officials cover the costs of animal expenses like medical procedures and food. The organization usually raises between $10,000 and $13,000 depending on the level of donations.

“Compassion comes at a cost,” C.A.R.E President Ruth Marshman said.

Originally a simple 5K, it has now grown into a walk and run with vendors and live demonstrations by groups like the Massachusetts State Police K9 Unit. Prizes include cash, medals and trophies. Dogs aren’t left out either, and receive a medal as they cross the finish line.

Kathi St. Germain, whose dog Liam died, helped distribute the medals this year. It was race director John Nelson’s favorite part to watch.

“When you finally see the dogs finishing and getting their medals it's all worth it,” Nelson said.

There was one challenge for the group this year: the weather.

Marshman said some people didn’t come out because of freezing temperatures, but was glad there was no rain or snow.

Now the group is looking to move the date of the race to later April or even May when the weather is more predictable.

”People getting together and spending the day outside with their pups it’s a feel good event,” Marshman said. “Everyone had a good time and we really appreciate everyone’s continued support with the event, volunteering or being a foster home.”