Fire District No. 1 candidate profile: Robert Davignon

Apr 26, 2018

Robert Davignon has been a Dartmouth resident for 31 years, and hopes to take his business experience to the District No. 1 Prudential Committee.

The owner of Motor Tech Inc. just celebrated his 62nd birthday on April 22. With his two kids graduated from Dartmouth High School but still living in town, Davignon was looking for a way to give back to the community he and his family call home.

“I’ve lived in Dartmouth for 31 years,” Davignon said. My kids both graduated from Dartmouth High. I’m just trying to give back to the town,”

If elected, his biggest priority is taxes. He hopes to keep District No. 1’s tax rate low, particularly because tax increases greatly affect those with tight budgets.

“My concern is I’m trying to keep the taxes as low as possible without hurting anybody. All I see is everyone keeps going up, and for the senior citizens like I’ll be very shortly – taxes go up but everyone lives on a certain budget,” Davignon said.

He also hopes to ensure the district remains a call department.

He hopes to leverage his experience running Motor Tech Inc, which he is co-owner of for over three decades. The company specializes in car and engine restoration and maintenance.

“I think it might bring a lot to the plate, Davignon said. “I know the budgeting of a business, payroll, hiring, firing, and trying to keep the budget as close as you can so you don’t exceed the budget.”