Bingo for Books event highlights reading

Apr 27, 2018

First grader Andrew Sylvain loves books, and was super excited to win one at the Bingo for Books event on April 26 at DeMello Elementary.

Sylvain picked Super Happy Party Bears: Gnawing Around by Marcie Colleen because it was lengthy and more difficult to read. The avid book enthusiast strives to read as many as he can – usually working on more than one at a time – and couldn’t even name his favorite because there were too many that came to mind.

“I really love reading,” he said.

However, he did mention enjoying the My Weird School series, which consists of 21 books.

Now, Sylvain is shifting from reader to writer as he works on a series about the Red Sox, his favorite baseball team.

Sylvain wasn’t the only student to take home a book, as every student walked away with one. Cole Bouchard was so excited to win he screamed bingo loudly, shocking his grandma sitting next to him.

“It’s fun,” Bouchard said. “You get to see your friends and it’s intense. You get stressed- it feels good when you win.”

Kids got to test their listening skills as they waited for a number to call, hoping they would get the one they needed to complete their card in variations like diagonal, four corners, and normal bingo. More than 100 books distinguished by grade year were available to choose from. Those with more than one win chose other prizes like bracelets and pencils.

DeMello reading specialist Lisa Maucione organized the event. Participation is up to 75 students and their families this year, an increase from 60 last year.

Maucione said it’s only one of the events the school puts on throughout the year to get students more involved in reading. Other events included a bookmark contest and book recommendations written by the students, among others.

“Any time we can build community and get families into the schools it’s a great thing,” Maucione said. “We are getting books into kids hands.”