Bishop Stang gets new varsity boys soccer coach

May 1, 2018

Nate Greene’s first time coaching the Bishop Stang boys soccer team was a learning experience for him, as he battled his own injury during the season.

Greene tore his ACL while playing on a club soccer team the summer before his start at Bishop Stang in 2017 as a social studies teacher. While hobbling around on crutches, Greene got accustomed to the school, and when it came to practices, he learned to coach from the bench.

“It was a different experience but I also think it probably benefited me in terms of being a better communicator that way because I couldn’t use anything but my voice,” Greene said.

He was officially named head boys soccer coach in April.

Greene, a three-sport athlete in high school, has always loved athletics. Before moving to Dartmouth, Greene worked at Fairhaven High School as a coach and New Bedford Middle School as a teacher. In Fairhaven, he coached boys soccer and girls lacrosse, and sub-varsity basketball.

Other than qualifying for the state tournament, Greene is on a mission to build up everyone’s character on the team by being around them while in school. As a social studies teacher, he is able to see the students almost every day of the week.

“Just being able to be present in the building with them every day and leading by example, but everyday trying to kind of engrain those qualities in them so that when we are on the field that shows because that’s as important to me as any wins or losses,” Greene said.

So far, Greene is settling in well at Stang, and said the support from the students and faculty has been tremendous.

“It’s very positive, overwhelmingly positive,” Greene said. “I’d like to think that even in the short time I’ve been here I’ve made an impact or began to make an impact on the school community as a whole.”

When he’s not busy teaching or coaching people can find Greene out chipping away at a golf course or working at the media production club he started at the school.