Lemonade Day coming up

May 1, 2018

On May 5 kids across Dartmouth will be participating in the 4th annual Lemonade Day.

Lemonade Day will feature child owned and operated lemonade stands, all part of National Lemonade Day Weekend. The event is done to teach kids about operating a business and provide them with life lessons.

In Dartmouth there will be 12 stands:

  1. Lemon Heroes; 620 Chase Road; 9a.m.
  2. Friendly Little Lemon; 714 Dartmouth St.;10a.m. (BayCoast Bank)
  3. We Are A Vegan; 984 Tucker Road; 10a.m.
  4. The Sweet Lemon; 382 State Road; 10a.m. (Lens Crafters)
  5. Levi’s Lemonade; 25 Faunce Corner Road; 11a.m. (Stop & Shop)
  6. Icy Made Lemonade; 24 Slocum Road; 11a.m. (Hair Horizons)
  7. Hole In One Lemonade; 1047 Allen St.; 11a.m. (Valley Top Tavern)
  8. The Main Squeeze; 571 Dartmouth St.; 11a.m. (Sunrise Bakery)
  9. Hayden and Harrison's Lemonade Stand; 50 Horseneck Road
  10. J & M Juicy Lemonade Garage; 614 Dartmouth St.; 11am (M&M Auto)
  11. The Sour Kids; 46 Hathaway Road; 12 p.m. (Black Tie Cookies)
  12. Lazy Lemonade; 710 State Road; 1p.m. (Dartmouth Laundromat)