Restaurant given two weeks to fix liquor license issues or lose it

May 22, 2018

The Select Board is fed up with continuing liquor license issues with a Dartmouth restaurant, and has issued an ultimatum: get paperwork squared away in two weeks, or lose the license.

The problem pertains to the Ayur Shri restaurant, located on State Road. On May 21, the board debated on revoking the restaurant's liquor license after learning paperwork submitted to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission was returned with no action taken -- effectively a passive rejection of its application.

The state agency kicked the paperwork back to the town due to several errors made in the filing process, including a missing criminal background check for the restaurant's owner, a missing notarized passport of the owner, and several typos and questions filled in incorrectly.

“It’s been a lot to clean this up but all I can tell you is that you’re dealing with a small family restaurant, and the application process has not been easy because we’re not getting a lot of help from the town in telling us what we need to provide,” said Rita Sud, an attorney representing the restaurant.

Sud said last year the restaurant voluntarily surrendered its license to give the restaurant time to find a manager. For almost two years prior the Select Board had been attempting with no success to have the restaurant's manager of record appear at a meeting.

“As far as I can recall, out of maybe four or five times we’ve had this here, he’s been to one [meeting],” Select Board Chair Shawn McDonald said. “To me that speaks volumes.”

Sud said the restaurant's owner is a United States and Trinidad citizen, and frequently travels to the island.

The Select Board voted 3-2 to give the restaurant two more weeks to submit the missing information and corrections, many of which Sud said she had already, or lose the license.

“I think your time has run out,” said member Stanley Mickelson, who voted against the deadline. “There isn’t two weeks because then it will be another two weeks.”