Residents have tasty time at farmers market

Jun 2, 2018

As Barbara Reideler navigated past vendors in tents selling everything from vegetables to jewelry, a table filled with sweet treats by Captivating Twists caught her eye.

It was a rainy and humid day, but it didn’t stop her from checking out the farmers market opening day in South Dartmouth on June 1.

“I love this market and the farming in this area,” Reideler said. “The location too is just so convenient at the church since it has a lot of parking.”

The market was formed by Andy Pollack in 2006. While the person in charge of setting it up has switched hands, the localness of it all has not. As Susan Murray from Apponagansett Farm put it, it’s a cycle.

“It’s a great way for everybody to win,” Murray said. “So you get great local produce that is coming out of the fields the same day. You’re supporting family farms that will also then use all their money locally.”

Murray noted Apponagansett Farm’s profits are used to buy from other area businesses. Her stand was filled with a variety of vegetables and plants grown at the farm, including romaine lettuce, eggplant, and zucchini, among others.

More than 10 businesses set up shop for five hours hoping to persuade people to try different products. Ken Vieira owns Twisted by Ken, where he makes handcrafted jewelry. He displayed his pieces, but during downtime, he was busy working on a new piece of byzantine chainmail.

Tony and Rosemary Melli own a artisanal food business named di Melli con amore. Tony Melli spoke about how its olive oils and balsamic vinegars are made. Some are aged for years, allowing for the aroma and intricate flavors to blend over the years, Melli explained. As customers shopped around, they even got the chance to taste the oils and vinegar.

The market is held every Friday from 1-6 p.m. until September 29 at the field adjacent to St. Mary’s Church. The church is located at 789 Dartmouth St.