Community adds motivation to CrossFit event

Jun 23, 2018

Out of breath and exhausted, Sheri McIntyre continued pushing herself as she ran to her teammate Flavia Thornson, who was waiting to complete the next cycle of their grueling workout on the rowing machine.

It was part of Ranch Wars, a day-long CrossFit event hosted by Justin Coelho from CrossFit Dartmouth on June 23. More than 150 athletes from all over the northeast  tested themselves mentally and physically.

In a competition made up of four varying workouts held at Running Brook Vineyard, athletes used unconventional pieces of equipment, from stone balls to logs, to work up a sweat.

Teams were made up of two women and two men. During one workout, the women and men each took turns hoisting a log onto their shoulders and completed a series of squats. Next, they ran the log down to the opposite end of the field and proceeded to do a burpee by jumping over the log before repeating the process.

For Thornson and her team, Guns and Lots of Buns, teammates thought the log would be an easier event. Instead, the burpees were quite hard to do. Even though team members worked into an exhausted stupor, Thornson said McIntyre agreed it’s the people who make the entire day worthwhile.

“Just the fun of it, getting together with everyone,” Thornson said. “It’s my favorite day of the year.”

Another team, the Backpack Kids, agreed the burpees was the hardest part, but the community is what really keeps everyone pumped and motivated. The team, made up of Joe Cosentino, Angela Bognanno, Krysta Banfield and Peter Lauria are all from the Boston area, but go to the same gym. It was the perfect opportunity for them to all work out together.

During another workout, teams pulled a sleigh piled with weights down a field and back. The competitors then proceeded to toss a stone ball over their shoulders 10 times. They weren’t done yet though, as one person bear-crawled their way down the field while the other rolled the stone. It was then repeated: toss stone, bear crawl and roll.

It was the workout Mike’s Dojo Team really got behind. Comprised of Meghan Johnson, Michael Jack, Angelo Barboutis, and Nathalie Rinck-Lundell, the team from Sharon said it was awesome.

“That’s our type of workout,” Johnson said.

For Coelho, who has been doing Ranch Wars for five years, he said the best part is seeing all of the different communities come together.

“It’s a competition, but it’s a fun competition,” Coelho said. “Everyone comes and has fun. We have tons of vendors here for the athletes to have access too.”