$7 million facelift on the way for District 1 fire station

Nov 14, 2022

Dartmouth Fire District 1’s Bridge Street station is in line for its first major renovations since the department began using the building in the late 1970s.

On Nov. 9, district voters unanimously approved $7 million to add a new two-story addition to the space.

The new design includes increasing the office areas from one office to four. Plans also include a “safe ready room” for personnel to remain off the garage floor during calls, a meeting room, an upgraded kitchen, and a training/meeting area for staff meetings.

Plans for the second floor include the addition of four to six rooms the fire department said will provide a place for personnel to stay during inclement weather during calls and future duty coverage when required overnight. 

According to the fire department, personnel currently sleep on the hose beds of trucks, an old couch, or an office chair.

The second floor would also have a small food prep area and a day room.

Renovation plans also include a new exhaust system, resurfacing parking areas, and upgrading the station's communications antenna.

To pay for these upgrades, the fire district’s Prudential Committee anticipates transferring $500,000 from stabilization funds, transferring $1 million in free cash, and borrowing $5 million.

It is unclear when crews will begin to renovate the space, as Deputy Chief Jake Bettencourt said there’s still “a lot of preliminary work to do.”

“But now we have the funding approved,” he said with a smile.