Abstract artwork sends clear message of creativity

Apr 8, 2023

The grandchildren of artist Michael Hubert squinted to make out abstract paintings and pointed to their favorites at the Dartmouth Cultural Center, during Hubert’s April 7 solo reception. 

Hubert hopes that his art evokes a “lyrical value” and reflects emotion in place of a straightforward observation.

The exhibition served as a showcase for Hubert’s works, which is displayed through May 13 and available for purchase at the center, 404 Elm St.

Hubert does not paint to recall literal images of the visual world, he explained, but to draw out a feeling that he hopes translates through his work. Creating each painting is a spiritual experience, he said.

The gallery featured works he estimates date back to 2012 and continue through 2023. Hubert has been painting since he was in high school and sees it as an important part of his life's journey. 

Inspiration comes to Hubert from what's around him, whether it’s driving around South Dartmouth, where he lives, or on a trip to the Italian countryside. 

For Hubert, the painting process often comes after the moment of inspiration has passed. He takes lots of pictures and will do rough sketches to preserve moments of inspiration. 

As he explained to his grandson, “you squirt [the paint] out onto a pallet, and try to match what’s in your mind” 

Hubert’s paintings range in clarity. Some depict obvious landscapes, others rely on color and tone to convey his idea. 

“The physical act of applying paint has a strong influence on the direction that a painting will ultimately take.”

Representatives of the Dartmouth Cultural Center said they were happy to host a local artist and hope these events bring more awareness to the center. 

“I think it went very well, there was a stream of people all evening…at least 30,” said Pauline Santos, president of the Dartmouth Cultural Center. 

The Cultural Center works to facilitate arts in the community while preserving the Old Southworth Library building. The center relies on grants and donations from its members to keep the doors open and programs running. 

The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.