Afghan refugees living in Dartmouth seek permanent housing

May 4, 2022

An Afghan refugee — who fled her home country last year and settled in Dartmouth with her three children — is hoping to stay in the community, but now faces the challenge of finding a new residence.

The refugee, 23, who preferred to remain anonymous, had already faced extreme hardship when she arrived in the US in June 2021 but suffered further when she was initially placed in a refugee camp with her abusive husband, with whom she had fled.

In the following nine months, the refugee was able to separate from her husband and receive placement in temporary donated housing in Dartmouth for her and her children.

The family is not the same one that was featured in a story by the Dartmouth Week in January.

Since arriving in Dartmouth, the family has begun to integrate themselves in the community.

All three children are enrolled locally in daycare or school and the mother has been welcomed warmly by the community at a local mosque.

The family has also received support from volunteer doctors and teachers who have offered their care and advice as the family works to build a new life in the community.

Now, as the family approaches the end of its stay in the temporary housing they were placed in, they are looking for a new home with the dream of staying in Dartmouth.

Volunteers from the South Coast Massachusetts Neighborhood Support Team are actively seeking housing for the family. According to the team, the family has no pets, does not smoke, and can pay modest rent.

The mother of the family is also making quick progress with her English language classes and is hopeful that she will be able to find a full-time job in the next year.

The Neighborhood Support Team is asking anyone with tips about housing that the family could potentially rent — preferably in Dartmouth — to reach out to the team at