Artists exhibit locally crafted ceramics and sculptures

Jun 7, 2024

As a kid, ceramic artist Cali Amy used to visit her grandparents in Dartmouth – now she lives here, and draws inspiration for her work from the town’s woods, beaches, and marshes.

Almy paired up with her sculptor husband, Whitmore Boogaerts, to display their work at the Dartmouth Cultural Center’s “Duo” exhibit that opened  on Friday, June 7.

Almy and Boogaerts have been pursuing the arts full-time for three decades, they said.

Almy has been a ceramic artist and teacher for about 35 years, she said. Almy’s work, which included ceramic pots and dishes, is intended to be used, according to Jill Law, Gallery Director at the Dartmouth Cultural Center. 

Almy said that she makes her work on a potter’s wheel so they often have similar forms, but she “had fun” using different surface treatments on her pieces, which she used to depict landscapes on her work.

“I go for walks in the woods and I think about glazes and what I could put on my pieces,” Almy said. 

Boogaerts is a sculptor whose work was mostly made with rusted or stainless steel metal. Boogaerts said his work is very durable. 

“I just saw a piece that I made in 1998,” Boogaerts said. “So 26 years it’s been outside, it looks great, it looks like it did when I made it.”

Boogaerts said that before pursuing art full time, he was a civil engineer and ran construction sites, which taught him how to work with wire and metal.

“I like metal because you can make things strong and big,” he said. “But light feeling too.”

This particular exhibit is “wonderful” because the work displayed is so different than just having paintings, Law said.

“Whitmore has his own style, and you see it everywhere,” she said.

Boogaerts has work displayed at public venues across the state, including many “Not Your Average Joe’s” restaurant locations, Law said.

Almy and Boogaerts will be displaying their work at the cultural center until Saturday, July 6.