Bishop Stang students to participate in regional science fair

Mar 12, 2019

A dozen Bishop Stang High School students qualified to participate in the BCC/Rensselaer Region III Science and Engineering Fair in Fall River.

The students, all ninth graders in the honors biology class, created science projects highlighting a range of issues and types.

They include “How Climate Change Affects Water Quality” by Sofia Coholan, “Natural Microbial Agents “ by Lavina Burman and Matalin Silvia, “Biodegradable Plastic from Banana Peels“ by Ellie Sullivan and Izabel Paiva,  “Creating Bio-gas as an Alternative Fuel“ by Samantha Gonsalves, Using Hydropower to Lift a Load” by Abigail Elias and Olivia Costa, “What's Blocking that Signal?” by Joey Landry, “Water Filtration: Homemade vs. Commercially Made” by Braydon Borba and Dylan Minor, and “Decellularization of Spinach and its application to Tissue Transplants“ by Camille Gendron.

The students are taught by Mrs. Donna Habershaw, who has been teaching in the Science Department at Bishop Stang for 18 years.

“This is an outstanding group of students, and I am happy they will have this opportunity to show their work, and to meet other students from different high schools who also have an interest in the sciences,” Habershaw said. “They are a hard-working group who deserve recognition, and they will represent our school well.”