Board of Health candidate profile: Darci Moran

Mar 23, 2021

A Dartmouth resident since 1978, physicians assistant Darci Moran has always wanted to find ways to help the town she loves — which is why she is running for an open Board of Health seat on April 6.

One of the major factors for her candidacy, she said, was to assist the town during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Of course, she noted, there will be more than the pandemic to deal with if elected, such as food safety, housing, and septic issues.

“It would be a huge learning curve,” Moran said. “But you need someone who will be level-headed, listen, and make really good, thoughtful decisions.” 

If elected, Moran said she would use her knowledge of medical safety when making decisions to “try and guide the town to be as safe as it can be.” 

She added that she would also try to keep things steady in the Public Health Office, noting that Public Health Director Chris Michaud already has a “well established” staff.

“It’s amazing to have that as a town,” Moran said, adding that she would incorporate the staff’s expertise “to lean back on” when the Board meets.

Although she currently works in Manchester, Connecticut, she said she would only be out of town on Tuesdays and every other Saturday, and would make sure to keep updated with all of the Board’s work. 

“I grew up in this town, I love this town,” Moran said. “I would do the best work that I could for this town in whatever area that the Board of Health covers to make the best decision.”