Class of 2023 gets ready for new school year at Dartmouth High orientation

Aug 13, 2019

The first day of school is two weeks away, but on August 13 nearly 70 current Dartmouth High students and the Class of 2023 settled into the school building for orientation. 

The incoming students gathered in the auditorium to meet their new principal and administrative staff, pick up their school-issued Chromebooks, and get a crash course on the school’s academic, extracurricular, and athletic offerings. 

A group of nearly 70 current Dartmouth High student mentors then took over, leading the students on a guided tour, helped them find their rooms and organize their schedules, and answered questions about the school. 

“New student orientation is something we’ve been doing for many years at DHS,” said Principal Ross Thibault. “We’re preparing to help students transition over from middle school to high school.” 

While teachers and staff were also on hand as volunteers, it is primarily student-run by the group of student mentors, many of whom still remember their own experiences transitioning into high school. 

“I remember as a freshman being super nervous coming into a new school and getting lost because I wasn’t good at directions,” said senior Allison Wheaton. 

This year, the school’s latest motto is a push to get students involved in extracurriculars, so Wheaton did her best to sell the school’s many after-school programs to the incoming class. 

“I volunteered to help the freshmen feel more comfortable starting high school,” added senior Abby Rabstejnek. “It can be really scary.” 

After spending the morning exploring the school, students enjoyed hot dogs and hamburgers at a cookout lunch. Korissa Tabicas, Lexi Nicolosi, and Kaylin Silva were busy taking in the information. 

“The mentors were great, but I don’t think I’ll remember where anything is,” Nicolosi said. 

Despite suffering from a bit of information overload, however, the three agreed they’re excited — albeit a little nervous — to enter high school. Nicolosi and Silva plan to dive into athletics, as Silva plays softball and Nicolosi plays volleyball. 

The first day of school in Dartmouth is August 28.