Cow-tastrophy on Cross Rd.

Oct 16, 2018

Members of the Select Board are not happy about the Sunday stroll several cows took down Cross Rd. after escaping from a troubled Hixville Rd. farm.

During the board's October 15 meeting, Select Board Chair Shawn McDonald said he had seen a video taken by a Cross Rd. homeowner of the three cows which had escaped from the Robinson Farm on Hixville Road, and traveled through a backyard towards UPS — leading one Select Board member to wonder whether the animals had a package to pick up.

McDonald said that for the cows to have reached this backyard, they would have had to cross the overpass over I-195.

“They were cowering in the yard, no bull,” said Frank Gracie.

McDonald says this is a regular occurrence with this farm. On once occasion, an animal escaped in the early morning and was hit by a car, resulting in injuries to the driver.

In the past, the state had repaired the farm’s fence along the highway, but McDonald said that the farm owner has to take responsibility for containing livestock.

“I understand, and I don’t want to interfere with any farmer’s right to farm, but we can’t have our resources — fire department, board of health, police department, animal control — constantly dealing with livestock not being where they’re supposed to be,” McDonald said, and asked Town Administrator Shawn MacInnes to make sure all the appropriate departments were aware of the situation.

After some rumination, Stanley Mickelson suggested the board “moo-ve on.”