Cultural Center hosts local artist JP Powel for solo exhibit

Jun 6, 2022

Dartmouth artist JP Powel held his first solo show at the Dartmouth Cultural Center on Friday, June 3, displaying a portfolio of oil paintings depicting landscapes of New England and beyond.

Though Powel’s works have a consistent style that approaches impressionism, he said it is not something he does intentionally.

“I don’t try to think about doing a style,” he said. “When I paint and draw and sculpt, I’m trying to recreate what I see.”

When pushed to put a name to the effect he creates, however unintentionally, Powel called it “imaginative, mystical realism.”

Powel, a Dartmouth resident and full-time artist, said he started his artistic career early and stuck with it, though he’s had little formal training.

“I think everyone starts by scribbling with crayons on walls as kids,” he said. “Some of us get discouraged and stop but I guess I never stopped.”

Today, Powel attributes the bulk of his artistic progression to his relationships with other artists and much of his success to the support of the community.

“What education I’ve gotten I’ve really gotten from associating with other artists,” he said. “Most of my notoriety is from friends, neighbors, and word of mouth.”

Besides the benefits of the community, Powel said that Dartmouth’s natural beauty and access to nature has been a boon to his work.

“Dartmouth is so rich with landscape — and landscape that’s open to the public,” he said.

Though much of his work does depict Dartmouth’s scenic vistas, Powel’s exhibit also includes paintings he produced in Maine and while on an artist residency in the South of France.

The exhibit will be on display at the Cultural Center throughout the month of June with most of the pieces priced to sell.

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