Dartmouth artist designs showroom for Providence artisan showcase

Nov 3, 2021

Dartmouth artist Jill Law has always had a passion for interior design and setting up art exhibitions. 

Now, she’s combining the two as she works to design and create a showroom for the upcoming Fine Furnishings Show in Providence. While the expo will predominantly feature furniture, there will be other artists selling a variety of handcrafted goods.

“It’s an absolute honor to do this,” Law said. “I don’t want it to look like a [typical] showroom — I’m hoping it can be a bit eclectic, but something people can relate to.”

The Dartmouth Cultural Center’s gallery coordinator said she’s currently working on getting all of her designs and set pieces into the 10 foot by 10 foot gallery space by the first day of the showcase on Friday.

“It’s been a bit of a challenge,” Law said. “Kind of like herding cats.”

The theme for the space, Law said, is “working remotely as a woman” and will feature three vignettes.

One, which Law calls “the relaxation side,” will feature a low table with four pillows, a bottle of wine, containers for Chinese food and a yoga mat.

The centerpiece of the showroom will consist of a writing desk and chair with a laptop covered with pandemic-appropriate work reminders for upcoming Zoom meetings.

“Just like it was for so long during this past year,” Law noted.

The third vignette features another “zen space” and will include a low table, pedestals, and some of Law’s fish paintings. 

Art will also line the back wall of the room, including some from Dartmouth watercolorist Carol Way Wood.

Law also created a “menu” showcasing the contact information for each of the crafters and a floorpan of the showroom.

All designs will be placed around the crafts created by this year’s exhibitors — including local works by Way Wood, Barbara McDowell, and Nicole St. Pierre.

“It’s all beautiful,” Law said.

Karla Little, who manages the show, said she was “very fortunate” to have Law lend her eye for design.

“It will be a very creative way to show that mixing and matching a range and collection of pieces can be successful and give a room its character,” she said.

The 25th annual Fine Furnishings Show takes place Nov. 5-7 at the WaterFire Arts Center located at 475 Valley St. in Providence. 

Admission is $10.

For more information on the expo and the featured artisans, visit www.FineFurnishingsShows.com.