Dartmouth Grange donates dictionaries to drive student learning

Nov 17, 2019

Dartmouth third graders will read a little easier thanks to a big donation from the Dartmouth Grange. 

This past week, Grange volunteers distributed Webster’s Dictionaries to every third grader in Dartmouth schools. 

In total, 257 students received dictionaries to keep forever and take home with them. The Grange also provided 26 dictionaries for third grade teachers and classroom libraries. 

It was all part of the Grange’s Words for Thirds project. It is a state-level Grange community service program which tasks member organizations to raise funds and purchase dictionaries for third graders in its respective communities. 

“The third grade was chosen because it’s a time when children are shifting from learning to read to reading to learn,” said Elizabeth Newton from Dartmouth Grange No. 162. 

Newton explained that transition means students will be encountering new words they will need to know the meaning of. Keeping a physical dictionary close by will mean students will be up to the task whenever, and wherever they are. 

“We want them to have personal copies so they can use them for years to come, not just now,” Newton added. 

The Dartmouth Grange funded the dictionary purchase through its general fund, which includes donations and proceeds from its various events and fundraisers.