Dartmouth police to use crime monitoring app

Jun 14, 2019

Dartmouth Police announced in a Facebook post yesterday that the department has joined crime monitoring app “Neighbors” by Ring, alongside a growing number of local law enforcement agencies in towns across America.

The app’s website says that it is a new neighborhood watch in which community members can get real-time crime and safety alerts from neighbors and local law enforcement.

It allows users to post alerts categorized as “crime,” “safety,” “suspicious,” “stranger,” or “lost pet” to other users within a chosen neighborhood radius.

“The 'Neighbors' app is a digital neighborhood watch right on your phone,” read the Dartmouth Police statement. 

“The Dartmouth Police Department will be using 'Neighbors' to monitor crime in your area and send you updates on key crime incidents so you can all stay informed. By working together, we can all make Dartmouth a safer community!”

Dartmouth Police encouraged residents to download the free app onto smartphones to be able to see what is happening in their neighborhood.