Dartmouth resident redesigns South Coast spaces

Nov 23, 2019

When Dartmouth resident Megan Pogash became a mother, she decided to bring her passion to other moms all over the South Coast.

Pogash is a feng shui consultant, who uses principles from the ancient Chinese tradition to bring harmony and balance to people’s homes and work spaces.

Feng shui — which literally translates as ‘wind-water’ — is a philosophy that aims to tune individuals in with their environment using energy flow.

Although Pogash had practiced the art for over a decade, she said, she originally didn’t plan on making it into a career.

She holds degrees in both psychology and higher education administration, and pursued theatre for a while after graduating from college, working as a teacher and an education counselor in both New Bedford and New York City.

But it wasn’t until she became a mom that she decided to turn her hobby into something more.

Pogash said, “When I became a mom, and particularly a mom of two...That’s when you realize how little time you have to yourself, and you realize how important that proverbial balance is.”

Motherhood is it’s my life, my kids are my life,” she said. “That said, it is chaos.

“I frequently call it beautiful chaos, to be frank,” she added with a laugh. “We have to be real.”

“We’re all seeking harmony and balance in our lives,” she noted. “I found it all the more important to hone in on feng shui in our home...But I just realized how important it is to bring this to other families.”

The art of feng shui has been used in architecture as well as interior design. 

Pogash noted that it became important to her when she first started living with her now-husband in a tiny New York City apartment and sought a way to define her own space.

“It’s all about creating a gentle flow, a nourishing environment,” she said. “Trying to make changes that will add enhanced harmony.” 

She tries to include different shapes, colors, or textures in the spaces she redecorates.

When she started consulting in earnest just a few years ago, Pogash said, feng shui was pretty much “unheard of” on the South Coast.

But business has been steadily increasing as more and more people become interested in the practice. 

“It’s always growing in different ways,” she said. At first she was mostly consulting for family friends and fellow moms, but it soon spread to small local businesses.

And now she’s moved into education, recently using her talents on a volunteer basis to redesign the Wareham High School guidance office to lend it a sense of calm and safety for students where they need it most.

“I feel so thankful to have found this niche,” she said. “It’s so important to me, my passion for education. Helping out our schools.”

“We can feel so powerless with all that’s going on in schools and with all the unique pressures and challenges that students and staff are facing,” she continued. “[Feng shui is] a way of creating a positive empowerment.”