Dartmouth schools introduce bus-tracking app

Jul 25, 2022

Missing your bus may soon be a thing of the past for students of Dartmouth Public Schools.

School officials announced last week that the district has added GPS technology to its school buses that will enable parents and students to track their bus through an app as it travels to their stop.

After downloading the app, users can set up push notifications that will tell them when their bus is approaching so they know when to go and wait at their stop, according to Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations James Kiely.

The free app, Edulog Parent Portal, will also allow the school to notify riders of specific buses about delays caused by weather or other issues.

In addition to helping with the timing of school bus pickups, the technology will give the school administration access to valuable data that could help make bus schedules more accurate and the overall system more efficient.

School Committee members praised the innovation when it was presented during the committee’s Monday night meeting.

“This is fabulous,” said committee member Shannon Jenkins.

For more information about the application, visit the Dartmouth Schools website and click on the “Transportation” tab.