Fierce cupcake decorating competition at Library names new champion

Dec 17, 2023

What does it take to decorate the perfect cupcake? That was the challenge posed to the children who competed in this year’s annual cupcake decorating competition Saturday afternoon at the Dartmouth North Branch Library. 

Sprinkles and frosting were everywhere as the children hastily decorated their cupcakes according to the themes they randomly selected from a stocking. With only 10 minutes on the clock, decorating a cupcake to look like a penguin or a polar bear was almost too much for some of the contestants.

As minutes whittled down to seconds, some contestants frantically topped their cupcakes with globs of frosting, marshmallows and whatever else they hoped might win over the judges. The judges went from table to table, critiquing the cupcakes on their overall appearance, creativity and the cupcakes’ adherence to the given themes. 

After deliberating for several minutes, the judges announced the winner. 

Juniper Pogash, with the support of her father Jonathan Pogash, won the tournament with her Grinch and hot-cocoa themed cupcakes.

Juniper was awarded a gift card to the local bakery Black Tie Cookies, a sweet reward for the girl who delivered this year’s winning cupcakes.