Five inmates charged in April uprising at Bristol County House of Correction

Feb 17, 2024

Bristol County District Attorney has charged five inmates who participated in April’s uprising at Bristol County House of Correction and Jail.

The five inmates were caught on tape destroying jail property, according to a press release from Sheriff Paul Heroux, though he said the tape will not be released until presiding juries see it first. 

The incident in April occurred after inmates were told they were moving from one housing unit to another. At the time, Heroux said around 17 inmates led the revolt, and began destroying jail property, including ceiling cameras, windows and beds, then made weapons out of some of the resulting debris. 

The jail called in extra reinforcements, but first waited out the incident and talked with the inmates leading the revolt. Eventually, the officers went into the unit, using flash bangs and pepper spray, and subdued the inmates. 

At the time, Heroux said the uprising was “seconds” away from a hostage situation. The Sheriff estimated the damage at $100,000 to $200,000.