Flags fly at historical society Independence Day celebration

Jul 2, 2022

Despite the threat of storms, it was all sun and fun as the Dartmouth Historic and Arts Society held its annual Independence Day celebration on Saturday.

“We’re really happy to see the sunshine,” said Bob Harding, the group’s president. “There was some worry we couldn’t do this today.” 

The event was previously held on the fourth itself, but was changed to July 2 — a fitting date since the second was the actual date the Continental Congress voted for independence from the British Crown.

During the final moments of sunshine, crowds were able to enjoy a performance by the Dartmouth community band and see the historic society rededicate the flagpole in front of its schoolhouse headquarters.

The pole was recently refurbished by volunteer Don Watson.

“Should be good for another hundred years, I hope,” Harding said.

He added that this is not the first pole to be outside the old schoolhouse. Initially the building, which was built in 1871, used an old mast from a shipyard. This current pole was used at the old grammar school that was up Russells Mills road, along with a few other spots around town.

“It’s moved quite a bit,” Harding said with a laugh.

To rededicate it, 15-year-old Elizabeth Santos of Scout Troop Flag was given the honor of flying the American flag — one which was once raised over the U.S. Capitol before it was gifted to the library which previously occupied the schoolhouse.

“We’re delighted to take on the legacy of the library,” said Sue Guiducci, the society’s vice president.