Girl Scout adapts cookie sales for pandemic

Feb 20, 2021

Girl Scout cookie season is upon us.

While members of Dartmouth’s Brownie Troop 67087 would normally hold group sales outside of stores like Walmart or bring their boxes door-to-door, the pandemic has made it so the scouts have to think of new sales options. 

Instead of the normal table, Troop Leader Rebecca Dutra and her eight-year-old daughter and scout Sophia sold the cookies in a trunk-or-treat-style booth at the Dartmouth Police station parking lot on Tucker Road.

“We’re just trying to keep the Girl Scout tradition alive,” Rebecca Dutra said.

According to Dutra, turnout has been “pretty decent” at the police station. She noted that even amidst Friday’s snowfall, she and Sophia were still able to sell around 36 boxes.

“Not bad at all,” Dutra said.

Police officers have been known to grab a box or two, she added, with one officer inspiring nearby Eversource workers to start buying cookies when they first got their shipment. 

“[Sophia] ended up selling like 20 boxes just that one morning,” Dutra said. “That was pretty neat.”

According to Sophia, Dartmouth’s finest tend to favor Thin Mints.

“They smell so minty — that’s gross,” she said, adding that her favorites are lemon and the new french toast-inspired Toast-yay. “The lemon smells really good and the toasted smell is awesome sauce.”

The drive-thru booths have been held over the weekends and last around half an hour since her daughter is “still little,” said Dutra. 

“I’m not little,” Sophia responded.

To keep busy during any downtime, Dutra said the two of them will play hand games or sing together. But when customers arrive, Sophia is all business — making sure to ask customers how many boxes and then promptly doing the math to make change.

The eight-year-old added that she doesn’t mind doing the counting, noting that math is her favorite class at Quinn School.

“In first grade, it was easy,” Sophia said. “Second grade — still easy.”