Going the distance: student turned marathon runner

Apr 11, 2023

For Sarah Jorge, running was once just a way to prepare for her high school volleyball season or a team punishment after a poor practice or game.

Now, in her final semester studying criminology and legal studies at Emmanuel College, Jorge runs up to 60 miles a week down Boston sidewalks in preparation for the Boston Marathon. The peak achievement of a long-distance runner's training.

Her realization that running can be enjoyed with no goal other than running better came as a sprinter on the Dartmouth High School track team.

“Doing track through the Dartmouth program really changed my perspective on running,” said Jorge. “It wasn’t like I was starting from nothing, I had that background to fall back on, which was comforting for me especially when taking on running a marathon.”

This academic year is the first in her college experience that has not been tainted by the pandemic. Jorge knew that this would be her only “truly normal” year in college and her last chance to get involved on campus.

“At the beginning of the fall semester, I committed to doing everything I can and getting super involved because it is my last year, so this was really the perfect opportunity for me to do this.”

Jorge was picked out of approximately 40 applicants to be one of three students running the marathon on behalf of Emmanuel College.

The three students have raised over $13,000 for Emmanuel’s student health and wellness charity.

Jorge hopes the money she raises will go toward better facilities for non-collegiate athletes on campus, allowing other students like herself, who care for their physical and mental health, to use the resources collegiate athletes at Emmanuel access.

This experience has allowed Jorge to find a new hobby that benefits her mentally and physically, that can be done anywhere.

While home on breaks from school Jorge made sure to plan out her Dartmouth runs more than she would in Boston where there are sidewalks and endless routes. She made sure to see the town's beauty and scenery while on a 10 to 20 mile run. She said it was nostalgic running the same routes she did while on the Dartmouth track team.

Running is a sport that Jorge has tried to pick up many times before her marathon debut, but now that she made it this far, she doesn’t see herself stopping.

“I am definitely going to take a little bit of a break, it is the end of my senior year and I [want to spend] some time with friends and maybe not spend two, three hours working out every day,” adding that she will reduce her miles to five or six a day, not 15 to 20 miles like she has in preparation for the marathon.

Jorge has found the support both in her training and fundraising to be incredible. She was surprised at how many friends she hadn’t heard from in years donated.

“Everyone has been with me every step of the way and it makes a huge difference whether it’s known or not by the people who are helping me, especially with the donation front.”

Anyone who would like to donate to Jorge’s Marathon cause may do so here.