Halloween pumpkin carving/decorating contest

Oct 9, 2020

We’re holding a Halloween pumpkin carving/decorating and house decorating contest!

Dartmouth Week is the proud co-sponsor of the seasonal competition this October for residents of all ages, along with the Dartmouth Parents 14.0 Facebook group.

Anyone who wants to participate can carve or decorate a pumpkin at home, then submit a photo to Kate Robinson at editor@dartmouthweek.net, Mary Waite at marywaite@dartmouthschools.org or Ms. Gardner at lauragardner@dartmouthschools.org by Wednesday, Oct. 28. 

Age categories are Pre-K and below; K-5th grade; 6th-8th grade; high school; and adult.

Please include your name, age, and a few words about your pumpkin along with the photo. 

Categories include: scariest, funniest, most creative, most elaborate, best celebrity impersonation, and best overall.

The Halloween house decorating contest is by family and will award winners for scariest, funniest, most elaborate, most creative, and best overall. Please include the names of family members in your submission!

Winners and top competitors will be published in our paper as well as in the Middle School publication Big Green News (for Middle School competitors).
Good luck and get decorating!