Injured piglet making progress weeks after rescue

Mar 30, 2021

Three months ago, an injured piglet named Chance was destined for death after becoming the runt of his litter at a local farm. 

But thanks to the Don’t Forget Us, Pet Us Animal Sanctuary in North Dartmouth, the growing piggy is running and jumping again. 

He’s now even able to mingle with other pigs, and splits his time between the sanctuary and his caretaker’s New Bedford home. 

“When we first got him, I really thought he was going to get euthanized,” caretaker and sanctuary board member Michelle DeMello said. “It’s been really amazing to see his turnaround.”

According to sanctuary owner Deb Devlin, the baby feeder pig’s mom likely sat on him when he was just a couple weeks old — pushing his shoulder back and making one of his front legs shorter than the other.

Sensing his injury, his pig siblings tried to eat baby Chance.

But his road to recovery officially began after the sanctuary rescued the piglet in January.

Since being taken in, Chance has gone to regular physical therapy sessions where he walks on an underwater treadmill and goes through obstacle courses where he is able to jump and climb — usually with a bribe of food.

During at home therapy, Chance works on stretching his leg and is treated to a heating pad to warm up the still strained muscle.

“He can be a bit bratty, but he does very well,” DeMello laughed.

While the young hog’s condition has improved, he does still have a bit of a limp — something DeMello said could lead to more problems as he grows. 

According to the weekday caretaker, if there’s a problem with one limb, it will just add more weight to Chance’s front half.

“He’s doing fine right now,” DeMello said. “But when he’s 300 pounds, what’s that going to look like?”

With the warmer weather, the plan is to have Chance spend more of his time out with the other animals at the sanctuary. 

He’s currently spending his time with a teacup pig close to his size. 

Eventually, he will be paired with a Vietnamese Potbelly Pig. 

Once Chance gets to his final feeder pig size, he will likely hang out with the sanctuary’s other feeder pig, Mud Puddles. 

“Maybe they’ll be buddies one day,” DeMello said with a smile. “I think he’s going to really enjoy being at the farm.”