Kayakers rescued off Ricketsons Point

Jun 11, 2019

Police were called to aid in the rescue of two kayakers off Ricketson’s Point on Monday evening, as one of the kayakers was apparently “combative” and indicated that he did not wish to be rescued.

The kayakers had to be rescued after their kayaks overturned near the South Dartmouth harbor entrance at around 6 p.m. Monday.

According to District No. 1 Fire Chief Brad Ellis, one man was able to swim to the rocks at the point, while the other was still in the water.

The rescue — a joint effort of the Dartmouth Harbormaster and Fire District No. 1 — was over by 6:13 p.m.

“The guys did a great job getting the person out of the water,” said Chief Ellis.

According to the incident report the man in the water was trying to get back into his kayak, and became “combative” after rescuers insisted on getting him out.

But once emergency responders are alerted to a situation, Ellis said, “You can’t just leave somebody out on the water like that.”

Deputy Harbormaster Robert Miller said that “there was no issue” with the man on the rocks rescued by the Harbormaster’s office.

He added that medical personnel attended to both men at the docks, and their kayaks were towed back to land.