Kids and more kids at Open Farm Day

Apr 16, 2023

Kids were out in numbers at Round the Bend Farm for Open Farm Day on April 15.

These kids were all sweet, but not all were human. Children and grownups alike were invited to meet, pet and snuggle the new herd of baby goats.

Baby goats were not the only attraction that brought people to Open Farm Day. Yoga, crafts, corn hole, farm stands, live music, free clothing and garden starter plants attracted many people and kids.

Lincoln Keighley, a 6-year-old at Open Farm Day, made new friends while playing corn hole.

His favorite part was “the bean bags” at corn hole but he also “loved the goats…I got to feed them,” he said, adding that it was his first time meeting goats, but not his first time playing with bean bags. His smile and attention to the game proved that it was a top-tier experience for him.

He was interrupted from counting the bean bags by another boy who wanted to play together.

Lincoln's mom was happy to find out about the farm and Open Farm Days by accident.

“It’s our first time here, I actually discovered this because we were doing the trail behind [the farm] and I saw the whole farm and I was like that’s really cool,” said Kelly Ebel, Lincoln's mom.

She was happy to bring him to Open Farm Day, “It’s really fun, I think that it’s awesome what they do, [and] it’s free. It’s just great,” she said.

A representative from the farm said the day was going well and many families came to partake in the fun.

A major attraction for Open Farm Day is “allowing the public in to come and play with the goats and to pet them and hold them…[it gets] them more acclimated toward humans,” said Hannah Wylie, co-owner of the goats and marketing manager for the farm.

Children of all ages go right up to the baby goats. Wylie explained that starting goat socialization young makes them friendlier for their entire lives and easier to handle when they are out “goatbusting.”

The goats are expert landscapers, they are able to restore overgrown land to open grasslands without the use of heavy machinery. Round the Bend Farm refers to this business as “goatbusters.”

Round the Bend Farm is located at 92 Allens Neck Road, South Dartmouth, and will host four more open farm days this summer on May 20, June 17, July 15 and Aug. 19.