Kids brave a haunted maze

Oct 20, 2018

Just past the volleyball courts at the Burgo Basketball complex lies a terrifying, haunted maze — at night, anyway. By the light of day, the “gently haunted” maze was open for younger thrill seekers with some of the scariest elements removed.

“It’s overwhelming at night,” Donna Burgo said, explaining that she still gets lost in the maze even though she helped decorate it.

Besides the maze, the October 20 event also featured games like pumpkin tic-tac-toe, an eyeball toss, and a ring toss onto a witch’s hat.

Jen Hose was on hand with a rat on her shoulder to tell fortunes, as she has for the past five years.

“I use my crystal ball and sometimes the rat here can tell me something,” Hose said, through a thick accent. She also, rather ominously, suggested eating vegetables and drinking milk.

Justin Tetrault brought his sons, Nolan, age 3, and Silas, age 1 and a half, to the event.

“They had a blast in there,” he said of the haunted maze. “They’re gonna sleep well tonight.”

Most of the kids bravely entered the maze and had a good time.

Haylee Ezequiel, 10, felt ready to go in, but had one question: “Are there any clowns in there?”