Live from Dartmouth Highschool and now Middle School: improved TV studios

May 2, 2023

In 2020 Dartmouth Public Schools was awarded one of nine $3,000 MassCUE grants, now that money has been put to use to improve the district’s TV studio programing.

The middle school is expected to have a functional studio for students to start using this summer. In addition to new equipment purchased with the grant, they have also received technology from the highschool.

Dartmouth High School continues to upgrade its equipment and create content in its student run studio.

“Through school choice funds we purchased some new studio cameras, and through the years we’ve been able to upgrade the setup [at the highschool,]” said Robert Perrotti, lead business, innovation and technology teacher at the highschool.

MassCue provides grants for teachers and programs with “a passion for digital teaching and learning” and acts as the state affiliate for the International Society for Technology in Education.

Introducing the students to technology used in TV and audio studios earlier allows them to realize their interest sooner, and learn more throughout their time in the studio.

“We are trying to replicate a bunch of the programs we have [at the highschool] at an earlier age so that way they get some experience,” said Perrotti. “So, when [the middle schoolers] come up to the highschool they'll have some experience working with different equipment.”

This curriculum will include posting to a YouTube Channel which hotels weekly news programs, talk shows and staff features.